Pioneering the improvement of infrastructure facilities and community development of western province in the walk towards the sustainable development.


Ensuring the efficiency and productivity of passenger transport within the western province, developing and maintaining provincial road system, ensuring the efficiency and productivity of the services of cooperative movement, constructing houses and assuring tenants rights, improving the small and medium scale industries, creating an empowered rural community by empowering rural organizations, improving the economic and social condition of the estate and fishery community and improving the infrastructure facilities in the walk towards a sustainable development.

Functions of the Ministry

1.   Maintenance and development of C and D grade roads in the Western Province.

2.   Providing the necessary knowledge and the technical support for the road development of local government institutions and generating income through carrying out road development projects.

3.   Issuing revenue license for the registered vehicles in the Western Province and implementation of proper passenger transport through policy planning and assuring their execution.

4.   Accomplishing necessary affairs and compiling policy planning and assuring the implementation for the placement of the rural corporative movement as a positive partner in the rural development.

5.   Implementation of the house rent act planning of the housing development programmes and carrying out housing development fund as well as implementing housing projects for low income earners and government servants on local and foreign aid.

6.   Create an estate community who gets far better facilities through the development of infrastructure facilities of roads, transport atc.

7.   Identifying, planning, implementing and monitoring of projects for the improvement of small and medium scale industries.

8.  Implementation of technical training programmes through vocational training institutes for the improvement of small and medium scale industries.

9.  Developing community facilities for the betterment of rural people by empowering societies and organizations at village level thus uniting rural people

10. Head of the Department hold meetings and review meetings.11. Corporate Administration and disciplinary action.12. Financial Management