The Message from the Secretary to the Ministry

A pleasure for me to put in comments as a Secretary of Transport, Roads, Cooperative Development & Trade, Housing and Constructions, State Infrastrtruction facilities, Industries and Development.

In this moment I would like to remember respectively, The Governor, Ministers and all Members of Western Province that who guide me ever correctly.

Especially I believe that there is an opportunity to fulfill huge responsibilities under the subject of this Ministry. It’s a victory of mine to participate in various range of arranging daily needs and built their economy of the western provincial people and the same time I intend that it’s my responsibility to brooding the services which can provide through this Ministry.

Further, it should prepire and maintains correctly the road sect according to the era and have to take actions to maintain the cooperative Industry according to this era too, and this Industry which is provided more than 12,500 job opportunities and from the beginning to today giving humble services for the Sri Lankan nation and the individual lives too.

It’s a responsible of our Ministry  to provide facilities and regain the lives that who are  homeless and also who are in under construction work on thir houses and I hope to fulfill their embitions and hopes effectively and efficiencily trough the the igeas of the respective Ministers and Members of the Western province.

Not only that, to be taking actionas to improving the transport, State Infrastrtruction facilities sectors and regain Industrial sector too. And the same time, to be given the support to improve the creations of western provincial innovetors productions, My intend is, to be forward with the provincial public and the political authority in the next coming year.

I would like to thank who were supported upto now to succeed the affires of this Ministry and who will be do the same accordingly.



  1. K. K. Rasika Abedeera

Secretary ”

Ministry of Roads, Transport, Cooperative Development and Trade, Housing and Construction, Estate Infrastructure Facilities, Industries and Rural Development (Western Province)


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